September 12, 2016

Name: Kendra
Age: 27
Occupation: ELA Teacher

Which class do you usually attend? 6:30

Favorite WOD: Isabel

Favorite Lift: Back squats

How long have you been CrossFitting? 8 months

What keeps you coming back?
The superb ass-kicking that each class delivers and the other incredible humans that keep coming back as well.

How did you find CrossFit?
I found myself lacking motivation and versatility at the regular gym I belonged to. A friend of mine who went to HomeBase finally convinced me to come to a class on New Years Eve and (though I was absolutely terrified) I went. I was hooked after that class.

How did you end up at HomeBase?

What is your athletic background?
Growing up, I played softball and basketball which ended once I started doing Irish Step dancing in middle school. I always loved running, but didn’t start going to the gym until my sophomore year of college.

How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle and level of fitness?
CrossFit has really made me examine the way I treat my body and what I put into it. It pushes me outside of my comfort zone, and through doing so, I’ve discovered strength and ability I never knew I had. I started Crossfit after moving home from a break up and felt really low in terms of my self-confidence. Joining HomeBase significantly helped me improve my mental and emotional health, confidence, and making fitness a priority.

What is the One Thing you have done here that you never thought you could do?
To be honest, I never thought I could do CrossFit in general. I was so intimidated about the entire world of it and could never see myself being a part of it because I thought I wasn’t strong, tough, or motivated enough.

What/Who motivates/inspires you?
First and foremost are the other gym members. Seeing how hard everyone works, all of the accomplishments they make and how dedicated everyone is to working toward a better version of themselves is insanely inspirational. Especially watching my mom since she joined a few months ago has been so motivating and gives us something we can work on together. Secondly, seeing the progress I’ve made since starting in January and wanting to maintain that progress.

What is your proudest CrossFit achievement?
Being able to climb the rope and survive Hell Week.

Name one goal/personal achievement that you would like to achieve through CrossFit?
Consecutive double unders and a muscle up.

What goals have you achieved in CrossFit?
So often I talk myself out of things that are outside my comfort zone. One of the biggest goals I’ve been able to achieve is forcing myself to do things that are well outside of my comfort zone, whether that’s something physical or social. I’ve been able to get out of my head and stop telling myself that I can’t do something.

Hobbies/interests outside of CrossFit?
I love to read, learn, and explore. Being outdoors and enjoying nature and sunshiney weather is my favorite way to spend my time. I also love stalking puppies and making them love me…not that that’s a weird thing to do.

Tell me about your diet:
My diet can range from strict paleo meals to days that I would best describe as an unsupervised child at a birthday party. I’ve definitely learned so much about optimal nutrition for my body, and loved doing the 30 day Paleo Challenge. That being said, I still love my carbs and cheese…but now I do so in moderation.

What are the top 3 factors you would attribute to your success?
The guidance from the wonderful coaches, support and motivation from the rest of the HomeBase army, and determination to overcome my self-doubts.
Which book are you currently reading?
All of them…kidding (kind of). Right now I’m focusing on Julius Caesar. #shakespeareismyhomeboy

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I would love to own a house, have a couple dogs, continue growing in my career as an educator, and maybe

Any advice for new members?
The hardest part is starting. Once you do that, it’s all downhill from there.