This Weeks Mighty Moments
  June 10, 2016

This Weeks’ Mighty Moments 6/5-6/10

Huge shout out to Jessie Brooks and Kendra Marie for always spreading the good word about CFHB and bringing friends and family to grow with us!! Couldn’t be more thankful for you two!!! You will be handsomely rewarded.

Scott Parsons and Brian White for always lending hand with their many skills whether it’s carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc. to help make this box the best around. Thank you my doods

I was talking to Joanna Santos-Alfama this week and she amazed me with her motherly ways. We were chatting about her daily routine and some of the extra she does. She brought up how she’s been going to Northeastern University and taking classes for Communications. Which made me ask her why and her answer was so simple yet profound ” I do it for my daughter, I want to set the right example”. Her choice of school may not help further her own career but will certainly further her daughter’s career and values. Well done Joanna, you’re a hero!!!

Biggest transformations for the HomeBros the last month were Keith Groppi, Louie Balasny, Mark Foley, Bobby Shea and Justin Mettlach. These guys really turned it on got extremely fit and those shirts come off a little faster these days!! Well done fellas!!!

Biggest transformation for the HomeBaes this month by far and away Danielle McNamara, this girl put the work in and results are so evident you could never dismiss. Not only her physical appearance changed but her overall presence in the gym has skyrocketed. This chick is a boss!!! Big shoutouts to Christy Maltby, Darlene Cartagena, Paula Wedge, and Meaghan Hunter for sticking to it the whole month and making a change that will last forever!!

Bobby Kiernan loves CFHB so much he can never stay away, you guys have really made a lasting impression on him.

Jim Quigley for always being a standup human and buying equipment when ever he can to further our mission here at HomeBase.

The mission will go on thanks to this family we call HomeBase Army!!!