Life Hack
  June 13, 2016

Raising your standard

What happens if we read a book we are not quite sure we’ll understand, or add weight to a barbell that may be too hard to lift or sign up for a competition we’re not certain we can easily do?

What happens if we go to a job where we think everyone is smarter than we are?

We are each the average of the people we hang out with and the experiences we choose.
Usually when you take a risk that makes you a bit vulnerable you always rise to the occassion and match the same standard already established within the context, experience or group even if its not your own standard.

We are always our worst enemy especially when we fail to bridge the gap between what we think we believe and what the actual reality is.
Jumping into situations you may not be comfortable with or good at is surely the best way to grow, change and discover new skills.