Which kind of learner are you?

April 11, 2016
Which Athlete are you? The Visual Learner learns best receiving information through their eyes. The visual learner thinks spatially in terms of shapes, patterns, symbols, concept maps and word pictures. An athlete who is an Auditory Learner is focused on sounds and rhythms to learn movement patterns along with verbal description of the movement. Kinesthetic Learners learn by doing. Information is learned when the athletes are provided


What is CrossFit at CFHB

December 4, 2015
Many people ask me this question when trying to learn more about what we do here at CrossFit HomeBase and I always find myself changing my answer. Some think there's an easy definition to explain CrossFit, sure we can say that it's constantly varied, functional movements done at high intensity; but for anyone that belongs to a CrossFit community they know its much more than a fitness program. We have all heard CrossFit is "hard" and that

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