This is a one hour session where you will learn more about what CrossFit is, what we define “fitness” as and will include a CrossFit workout scaled to your abilities after some basic instruction of movements. To schedule a FREE drop-in class, or a private session, stop by the gym or Click the red button below.  And always feel free to call Kevin at 781-812-3832 or Email us at

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This month-long program prepares you for your new life with the 9 foundational movements to CrossFit, plus personal instruction in Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and mobility basics, our nutrition program specifics, and athlete goal-setting. Demanding a higher standard of performance in yourself requires virtuosity in the basics.


With your CrossFit Elements under your belt and certificate in hand, you are ready to take on the world of CrossFit and experience our challenging classes. These classes are at varying times throughout the day to fit any schedule. We also hold weekend classes to further help in your pursuit of your wellness goals.


The Ultimate Fitness Community will challenge and motivate you to reach your fitness goals. You will be surrounded by professional Coaches that are not only CrossFit certified, but are also avid CrossFitters themselves.
We Train For Life!